Show Synopsis

Join us for our 4th annual competition, where Carroll Theatre juniors & seniors team up to direct and perform short scenes with local celebrities! Past celebrity guest winners include Mayor Laura Hill. Who will be next?

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Mr. Paul Pinson

CSHS Assistant Principal


Jack Tucker
Aidan Mondress
Pierson Van den Dyssel

Mr. Tim Johnston

AP Art History Teacher


Trevor Easton
Will Ferner
Devan DeLugo

Mrs. Barbara Milhizer

CSHS English Teacher


Bella Duran
Sarah Lacy
Devan DeLugo

Mr. Ryan Barbe

CMS Theatre Director


Eric Lovenburg
Emma Close
Pierson Van den Dyssel
Peyton Fleming

Officer Brad Uptmore

Southlake Police Department - Special Guest!


Caitlin Huisman
Kamilla Perez
Rylee Hach

Mr. Curtis

Choreographer, CSHS Emerald Belles & Choir - Special Guest!


Sara McDonough
Maddie Nelson
Jack Cory

Performance Details

  • Location:¬†Carroll Sr. High School Auditorium
  • Dates: February 7, 2018

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