Show Synopsis

Transplanting characters from The Tempest to present-day New York, ROUGH MAGIC is a Shakespearean action-adventure-fantasy in the tradition of Harry Potter and The X-Men that conjures a mythical, magical meta-universe in which the evil sorcerer Prospero is willing to do anything to recover his stolen book of magic—even if it means Manhattan’s destruction. Lucky for us, New York’s defenders include a quartet of unlikely heroes: Melanie Porter, a plucky, raven-haired dramaturg with the ability to free characters from plays; Caliban, Prospero’s hunky (though not-too-bright) son; Tisiphone, a revenge-seeking Fury from Ancient Greece; and a seventeen-year-old lifeguard from Coney Island named Chet Baxter. May the forces of evil beware…

Performance Details

  • Location: UIL Competition
  • Performance Dates: TBD

Auditions & Casting

  • Audition date: TBD
  • Cast list: TBD

Rehearsal Dates

  • Rehearsals begin: TBD
  • Rehearsal calendar: To be provided via our Remind list
  • Tech week: TBD

Production Forms

Form links will be sent via Remind!

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