All classes have required supplies to be furnished by students. In addition, each grade level is required to bring a particular type of supply.

  • Please make sure to have your laptop and charger with you daily, as all assignments will be turned in virtually.
  • It’s a good idea to have a free scanner app on your mobile device to scan and send documents.
  • Canvas and other district approved software will be required for everyday use both in class and virtually.

Theatre I-IV Supplies:

  • Composition notebook (MUST be 9.75″x 7.5″)
  • Plenty of pens, pencils & a highlighter
  • Any handouts or scripts that you are given or asked to bring in
  • A book of monologues from plays is a great investment for a high school actor!
  • You’re expected to bring your laptop charged & ready every day!

Theatre Tech Supplies:

  • 9″x 12″ Mixed media sketchbook (any brand will do, but not computer paper)
  • A pencil bag with plenty of pens, pencils, markers, and a pencil sharpener
  • Prismacolor Colored Pencils 24 ct. (preferred brand, but any colored pencils will do)
  • Rubber cement or some form of glue stick/adhesive
  • You’re expected to bring your laptop charged & ready every day!

Grade Level Supplies:

  • FRESHMEN: One pair adult-size scissors box of tissues
  • SOPHOMORES: One metal ruler
  • JUNIORS: One yellow highlighter & one black Sharpie
  • SENIORS: One full-size bottle of dish soap & 1 gently used bath towel

Grades are broken down into Major Assignments (50%) and Minor Assignments (50%).

MAJOR Examples:

  • Tests
  • Performances
  • Projects
  • Some quizzes
  • Writing assignments

MINOR Examples:

  • Daily participation & classwork
  • Warmups
  • Some quizzes
  • Notes
  • Short writing assignments

The complete list of rules & guidelines can be found in our Theatre Department handbook on Canvas.


We follow the school procedure for tardies. You must have a valid pass to be considered not tardy.


We allow and encourage bottled water in class. Anything else is a special privilege. Gum is not allowed on stage during theatre class.

Graded work

Graded work & critiques are placed in an assigned area by class period. Work not picked up will be disposed of at the end of each 9 weeks.

Extra credit

There is only ONE rule. We will not accept extra credit from anyone with ANY zeroes on previous assignments. You must clear up all zeroes before you are allowed to get extra credit. Check our Canvas pages for extra credit work.

Missed work

All missed work must be completed according to school policy. It is the student’s responsibility to ask for make-up assignments the day he/she returns to class. Hand all work directly to a teacher. Please do NOT just put it on a desk!

Language & conversation

We expect all language & conversation to be school-appropriate at all times when you are in our classrooms or are participating in any theatre-related activity. This includes all topics chosen for in-class improvisation, monologues, and scene work. A good rule is: If you have to ask, then it’s not appropriate for this forum.


We expect all students to participate fully in all fundraising efforts for strand expenses to offset theatre production costs.

All theatre students are required to be in attendance and take part in performances for their theatre class. Theatre is a performance-based class, and you must earn passing grades on performances to be successful in this class.

In-Class Performances

These are performances that take place during daily class time. Performances are generally viewed as “projects” according to the CISD grading policy. If a student misses an in-class performance, they may be able to make it up the following class block. If the performance was a group performance or an audience-based performance, the student may need to be given an alternate assignment to complete. Ability to make up performances or be given an alternate assignment will be at the teacher’s discretion.

After-School Performances

Since theatre is a performance-based course, some outside participation will be expected. Just as choir and band students are required to participate in concerts, theatre students are required to perform in class showcases or plays. Student will be given ample time to clear their afternoon or evening schedules for these performances. Students are excused from dress rehearsal and performances only if there is a major medical emergency (requiring a doctor’s note). All students absent from dress rehearsals or performances with an excused absence MUST make up that grade. You will need to see the instructor for a make-up assignment. Unexcused dress rehearsals or performance absences may not be made up.

Carroll Theatre Performances

Attending the major theatre productions at Carroll Senior High School is a requirement for all theatre courses. Ample time will be given for students to clear their schedules, and multiple performance dates and times will be offered for their attendance. Students will also receive one complimentary ticket to the performance they choose to attend. During class time, students will be required to complete an assignment based on the production they saw. Students who are unable to attend the production will be given an alternate assignment that must be completed for this major grade assignment.